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Donald Boswell
Posted: 2003-05-27 18:35:55
Thanks Sawtanang, as you speak Thai. Three of the words are Thai, one is English. Why would a Thai in his own Country, using his own language, use an English word to discribe anyone. This is really a no brainer.

Master is an English term of respect that could mean many things. Untill we hear the personal definitions on the word by the posters it could mean anything at all.

Maybe these will ring a bell to the English speaking (ding dong). Master Chef, Master Electritian, Master Baker, Master Plumber, Master Craftsman is some cases Masterbator, and you know who you are. Ha!

Think do the Cinese traditionally call their teacher Sifu, or do they call them an English word. I mean in China.Or maybe they call his wife Mrs. Master instead of Simo.Ha!

Exchange the country with one of your choice as they all have a term to mean Teacher.

Or maybe better yet when someone moves to a new Country maybe they should use the tounge of their mother country and go around using terms no one knows. Duh!

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