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Sandy Holt
Posted: 2003-06-23 21:17:39
LONDON Results / Fights !

Well done to kev harper, Sorry to see Stephen out so early ! as said above ! it would have been a Stormer of a re-match ! Shame it didnt go the Distance !
Felt for Stephen ! And i like both guys ! GREAT Fighters and I think they are quietly spoken and Good advocates for the Sport too ! kevin was up for this re-match it showed ! Thats what happens in them ! `2` ways i tell my students and others re:- `re-matches` ! ` Said as an overview BTW` !
1. The first winner says! "im gonna send you back where ya came ! and DONT come back for a Third" ! ive beat em once and i will beat em again approach !

2. The runner up to the first Battle says! " Im gonna settle this and the score ! This time i WILL win ! This is Mine !

And poss: Kev had the bigger will to win this time ?

Ref: IMO
Sak v the Thai !
I was Gutted for Sak ! Me and Malcolm ( we was Commentating Ringside Btw. )
Both felt Sak won on our, as we do for every fight a Unofficial Score card !
But i have to say ! Also the Thai he fought Didnt bring the Best out of Sak ! and it was a little lethargic Fight and the Thai IMO Didnt look like a Fighter ! he seamed asleep for 3 rounds ! ? Taking nothing away from Sak ! I like the Dude He has a great disposition and a True sportsman ! And you can only fight what was put in front of him ! `Bad judging i thought on that `1`

Liam Harrisson and Richard and lisa will tell you Exactly what i said about / to Liam !
Hes had a ton of Praise off me just after the Fight ! I meant every word !
"BEST Fight hes had to date " ! "Quality" !

Frankie Hudders ! He had a good 2.5 rounds and was the Much better kicker ! but was Frustrated in the Thais Clinch ! Who was a Master @ that ! he used his greater Experience to full use and confused Frankie ! But i felt and predicted the result to malcolm just b4 the end as a Draw ! And a Good result i felt and well done !
Btw ! the `Speck` i had was Frankie 64.5 Kilos and The Thai gent 59.5 ! So 5 kilos or 6 as was given to me also ! Was the Difference ! But the Thai had 100 fights to less than Half that for Frankie approx 45 i think ! ?

Darren Balshaw ! did well ! and the Thai wasnt the best class ! But in fairness to Darren it was his 14th: Fight and The Thai gents 40th: So......... Fair enough ! and well done !

Ref: the WWW.Last-Minute-i -will-have-a-scrap -Michael-
Well classic case of Take 4 weapons away from a Thai-Boxer and Give him a few hours notice ? .what do u expect? Well he did damn fine ! And it WAS kick-Boxing rules with above the waist style too ! I thought it just took him 3 rounds to settle ! The F.C fighter was well fit and did what he had and does best ! to catch the judges attention! With all that padding ! michael wasnt hurt as we know ! But he did manage to bang Stuart Lawson a few times ! But you should know ! it was their rules and flashy catches the judges eyes !
Shame for Michael BUT what a GUY ! Hats off to him yep !!!!! Just for taking it so close ! And with `4` weapons tied behind his back and NO low kicks too BOOT ( scuse the pun) !

John Shields vRyhiad Alwazawi
mmmmmmmmmmmmm Oh Dear ! Bad, bad, bad !
Mine and Malcolms score sheet read same
10-8 ( Standing 8 count defo: right ruling by the Ref: too ) in favour 10 must points to 8 For john Shields )
In favour John Shields
Total score on BOTH our sheets = `50 to 47` !
What do you think ?
and for it to go the Other way ! Was a sham ! and a Disgrace to a Good Fights show !

Kieran ! "Damn" Felt for him !
he got Kicked spot on the Nerve @ the Top of the Thigh ! "ead leg Hell" !
Anyon who has took a Low kick there ? will know !
No way Kireans gonna Take a dive OR show pain ? if he wasnt hit !
OH boy the Thai Fighter kicked him Right and hard !
Shame for the Boy ! BUT as been said , watch this space ! Yepo !

Damien Trainor
What started a great fight ! BOTH was hot ! but the Thai was sharper than a:- `Mach-3 blade` with those Downward circular elbows Cutting Damien twice !
A wise desc: by his corner ref: stopping the fighton the stool round 2 !
the Thai was well on form ! poss: having seen `2` of the 6 man team get KOed ! What would you be like if you was the Anchor man ?
this was the deciding result!!!! And last fight / ers !
I predicted `3` A piece ( 3 All )
It was close
it was 3 wins to Thailand !
2 Wins to England
`1` Draw !
Good result i believe !

P.S. Yepo the Time ? boo hoo

i got home @ monday Morning !

600 Miles round trip ! Knackered !

p.p.s. Thanks Zebs for the Directions help ( Both ways ) lol And a good chat on the Phone on our way home ! Both too bust @ the fights ! :p

Stay Well !
Stay Happy !
Stay Lucky !
Love LIFE ! Live LIFE !

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