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Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2006-03-15 14:26:15
Hi everyone, first of all thanks for the kind words of support, sounds like most people enjoyed the show and appreciated what we tried to do. John and I are passionate about Muay Thai and developing it in Scotland and I believe that doing these promotions is an important step in developing Muay Thai here and I also think the sport is ready to support these shows in Scotland.

I am really proud of what we pulled off! John and I are getting all the credit, but to be fair, the event reflects on Muay Thai in Scotland and EVERYONE involved. Without the support of the team behind the event it wouldn’t have been the success that I believe it was. The official count during the day was around 1650 spectators, but many more came through the door, not including all of fighters, coachers and officials there. I should have the final figure by the end of the week, but to be honest, it is irrelevant, as I would have been content with 200 people with that weather. Getting such an amazing turnout in what was some of the worst and random weather in years was staggering and shows that Scotland can now host major events like this.

I don’t want to single too many people out, as I will definitely forget to thank some important people. But the show simply would not have came together if it wasn’t for all of the fighters, coaches, officials, sponsors and spectators involved, John and I really appreciate it! However, I will give a special thank you to Paul Hennesay for his advise up to and during the event. Also my new mate Guy Paret, who pulled out all the stops to help us and was brilliant during the day!

I didn’t see many of the fights, in fact I didn’t know the full results until yesterday, but the people I spoke to were very entertained. With the feedback so far, the 8man really was a highlight and we will be looking to do more at different weights in the future.

I really would welcome any feedback wither through this thread or directly. We learned so much from this event and future promotions will be better for it. My own personal thoughts were:

The show was a bit long, partly because of the delay with the weather and partly because of the large fight card. But until we develop the spectator base, then the fight card will always be big. I personally would rather a large card anyway.

The Arena was excellent, even with a lesser crowd I thought it still had a great atmosphere and the crowd get a good view. I can’t wait to see what its like when we get the expected turnout.

The lights and staging were good, but I can see a lot of areas to improve to make it “all singing all dancing”. I see this as one of the biggest areas of improvement, even though I thought it still looked class.

I’d also like feedback on the VIP tickets, were people content with what they got, or would they prefer to have the likes of a 3-course meal and pay a higher ticket price?

This is just the start and as long as we don’t get another natural disaster, LOL, then I believe that we will develop the event to the extent that we will be selling out the arena. I also promise, that as the show grows, so will the quality of the show, bigger and better! We are hoping that our next promotion will be in October / November, news of this should follow this week.

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