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Posted: 2006-08-18 20:53:53
To Benares,

The so-called facts that " Okao retired undefeated" and "Okao wanted to avenge his top student, Suzuki" were hogwash spread by Urquidez's management group. I have a lot of respect for Urquidez, but to me his story about his exploits in Japan sounds like Jean Claude Van Damme's "Kickboxer" or any similar movies. It's so one-dimensional. But I can see that type of story were attractive to American martial arts practitioners at that time, just as the Karate Kid and ninjas. Urquidez should not get all the credit for defeating Japanese fighters. There were others like Howard Jackson, Sam Montgomery. There are lots of stories regarding Urquidez which are false. First, he was decisioned by Prayout Sittiboonlert(though Sittiboonlert was heavier). Then, he fought the exhibition with Nobuya Asuka, but he claims he won the bout( this was a part of the pro-wrestling event). Now he claims he trained under Oyama. I know he met Oyama. But I highly doubt he ever trained under or with Oyama. All I know is that he trained in the Mejiro Gym while Fujiwara and others were there. This was the time I believe he picked up the art of leg kicks and leg checks, knees, elbows.

Yoshimitsu Tamashiro was the only Japanese who faced both Urquidez and Howard Jackson. It is true he was not allowed to use knee and clinch in the Jackson fight(the fight took place in Las Vegas), but he has more ill-feeling to Urquidez. Tamashiro was almost retiring at that time and had no intention to step into the ring again. But he had some obligation or something to the officials in the AJKF, so he agreed to fight. There are two facts about the fight he does not like to this day. Remember these are just his opinions. First, Urquidez did not make weight for his title defense(super lightweight), and the officials did not force him to lose a pound since Urquidez was the draw and they let him fight. Second, this is hard for me to believe. Tamashiro claims that he witnessed Urquidez jabbed the stimulant into his body. This is still open to debate. Anyway, this was Urquidez's worst performance, he was totally out of shape. Urquidez later faced Kunimasa Nagae,and did not have to make weight. Tamashiro was primarily known for his toughness. He could take whoever dish out. The most notable fight of his was against one of the greaetst fighters of Thailand, Saensak Muangsurin. Muangsurin was known for his punching power( as a matter of fact, he won the WBC world crown in his 3rd fight), but in the particular fight, Tamashiro was damaged by his devastating knees. Even though Tamashiro did not hit the canvas, the Thai referee saw something severe in Tamashiro's condition and rightfully stopped the fight. As he headed to the hospital, he found that some internal organs ruptured.

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