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Posted: 2012-07-12 05:29:24

You appear to be going to a hell of a lot of effort to prove that Amanda is not worthy of a title shot at Julie. Surely the job of a great champion is not to pick and choose who is worth of a title shot but to accept whoever the general consensus is they should fight, and in doing so beat all comers. There is no doubt that there is a large majority of people that would like to see Julie fight Amanda and surely that in itself makes this an obvious choice as a fight. In his prime, Mike Tyson destroyed many unworthy opponents in the first few rounds, but that only added to his legacy. If you think that Julie is truely out of Amandas league, do what champions do,and accept the challenge that the paying public want to see. To not do so only reeks of picking and choosing suitable opponents and can only leave people with doubts and questions. I am personally a huge Julie fan and agree she would do very well against Amanda (or anybody) but I'd like to see that proved (as a warrior) in the ring - not by an academic discussion on a forum. Forget proving that Amanda is not worthy by posting evidence (you did after all already accept this fight once and in doing so must of thought her somewhat worthy) and let the girls fight. I'm certain she'll get a cracking payday from this and I cant understand how Amanda is SO unworthy that you'd want to turn that down??

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