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Posted: 2013-04-09 05:45:52
Some people believed he was a good sameriton. ( sorry about spelling)

Yet some people believed that he did bad after.

Im sure we all said at 1 stage he was a excellent individual and did alot for charities and more for kids.

Now he has has passed away and all are coming out with what has happened. They were afraid being a super star and getting a medal fom the queen would shut anybody up and fall on death ears.

God did give a tongue to speak with yet they were afraid.

I feel sorry for those that had to go through this crap.
Its time to know who had backed him quitely and bring them forward.

I actually thought of him as a god send helping kids, now with the allegations coming to light you ponder all the time.

We all found out after his death, lets just hope those families can go forward in peace.

In regards to this thread, I think alot of people will keep this to show his disgrace , erasing it will not fulfill the needs of those that suffered from his hands but support required.

I believe in heaven and hell, I wonder if hes got enough cigars to light up in hell.

During his time i did not know about this and saw him as a good guy, only after his death i saw this.

Just my little view.

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