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Muaythai King
Posted: 2003-05-27 11:01:17
True, the Thais dont know what grading is, as they dont use it. They train in Muaythai to put food on the table for their families not for trophies/belts etc. The grading system is really only in place to provide westerners who are not wanting to get in the ring with something to test themselves against & to show their progress & not to feel they are throwing their money down the drain.

You never hear any Muaythai fighters in the UK or anywhere else for that matter saying what grade they are. Fighters just set themselves targets for in the ring. For example fighters want to fight often, fight the best fighters in their weight division and for to win National & International titles. Also hopefullymake a few quid on the way.

The Thais think we westerners are mad for even getting into Muaythai full stop. They do it for a living, but when they see us westerners training hard, wanting to fight & travelling all the way to Thailand to do it etc they think we are mental. They feel why do we put ourselves at all that risk, when we probally all make a better living than the best fighters in Thailand.

They dont understand that the majority of us do it as a hobby/past time.

Personally i think gradings suck, not for me if i wanted fancy coloured belts/ties etc for kicking a bag or sometyhing so many times then i'd take up Karate or some crap like that!

As for Master Sken bringing Muaythai to the UK, wasn't it Master Toddy that did so first? Thats what i have heard, then there were a few others before Sken - maybe thats not true, just what i have heard/read.

These are just my opinions & things that i have heard/read!!



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