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Topic:Forum Rules
  1. Discussion regarding moderation is not allowed on the Ax forum. Do not attempt to contact the moderators through the forum about moderation issues on Ax. If you have a question about the moderation, please contact us directly.
  2. Maintain appropriate topics of discussion within each forum. Acceptable topics for the MAIN (MT/KB) forum include discussion of any Muay Thai/Kickboxing rules (excluding light contact) such as : Above waist/full contact, international/low kick rules, San shou/San da, Burmese or Cambodian kickboxing, Muay Thai, Savate (only full contact bouts), Shootboxing or K-1.
  3. The following topics Are COMPLETELY OFF-LIMITS: War, Politics, Religion.
  4. Intentional insults aimed at ANYONE, whether they are Ax users or not, is not acceptable.
  5. Jokes aimed at a certain Ax member may be allowed. If it becomes obvious that the Ax member in question is offended by your humor toward them, then you will be asked to stop.
  6. Criticizing is allowed. Overly excessive criticism is not allowed. Repetitive criticism of one person, whether they are a fighter, promoter, trainer, Ax member or other, will be seen as attacking that individual and won`t be tolerated on Ax.
  7. Sexual comments directed toward any Ax member are not allowed.
  8. No thread hijacking. This means you cannot jump into an existing thread and change the topic to your liking.
  9. Spamming the forum with advertisements for your products, services or events will not be tolerated. One time only advertising is allowed for events or websites that are appropriate for the forum. You are allowed to create ONE topic to discuss your upcoming event. If you want to advertise on Ax, then visit our Advertising page.
  10. No double topics. This means do not post the same topic multiple times.
  11. Swearing is acceptable to a limited degree. Excessive swearing is not allowed.
  12. TYPING EXCESSIVELY IN CAPS is considered to be "shouting" in the Internet world and is not acceptable.
  13. Video trading discussion is not allowed on Ax. This applies to video tapes, DVD, VCD or digital file formats (MPEG, AVI, WMV). Please take such conversations off Ax.
  14. Videos linked from video hosting sites like Youtube will be accepted if they are known to be published to the public domain by the copyright owner. If we receive a complaint from the copyright owner, or if it is an obvious copyright violation by a known event, then we will remove that video from Ax. If you want to notify us of copyright infringement, you can use the report post link on the post in question or use our contact us page.
  15. No "trolling" is allowed on Ax. The definition of trolling is when someone states an obviously upsetting comment on a message board with the apparent purpose of luring other people into posting inflammatory responses. One clue of a "trolling" comment is when someone posts the initial comment but then does not continue the conversation.
  16. Fight challenges cannot be made on Ax unless they are OFFICIAL challenges made by one fighter toward another fighter through their management teams. Official fight challenges should be posted in their own topic and should not be used to derail an existing topic. If the moderation does not feel that the fight challenge is realistic, then the topic will be removed.
  17. Here are the rules for uploading photos to message or to profiles.
    1. No nude, semi-nude or overtly sexy photos are allowed
    2. No crude or offensive photos are allowed.
    3. The definition of what is crude or offensive hopefully is common sense, but will ultimately be defined by the moderators depending on the circumstances. Use your best judgement.

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