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ercan gürgöze
Posted: 2003-05-27 15:53:24
oki when people are saying that there is no grading sytem in mt, they are right to some extent...there was no effective grading system in mt until a few years ago, it is sure...only most of the fighters have been wearing some arm rings in colors ...however, on the otherside it is also sure that the traditional staff liked this type of grading in order to know in hyerarchie ...

i think that it is a story for the promotion of mt for larger publicum...after especialy 1995's mt was forced to be promoted as a part of the thai culture and also aiming the o9lympics the thai government has thought that he has to do something in this direction...

why karate , taekwondo ,kngfu could be promoted better than the other fight disciplines, easy: "due to the belt systems, grading systems..."

it is also very sure that we cannot expect that all of the interested people in mt to fight hell in rounds...

in the beginning i was also against those grading systems and also against amateur mt...but, today i changed my mind and think that for the future promotion of mt in global world both are is also sure that the amatuer and grading system are underestimated by the thai people and most of the profi fighters in thailand (the proof is simple ; the thai people are not going to watch the amateur fights / may be that one of the reason is the unavailability of gambling...) but it is also sure that the thai government adn sport authorities are thinking in a different way and trying to make mt known and accepted, followed by bigger interested publicum groups...and they have also right to some extent..


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