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Dave Jackson
Posted: 2003-05-27 16:45:13
I understand where everyone is coming from in this debate on both sides of the argument and I am in no way taking sides.

The fact remains that we live in the western world. If you teach a martial art in the western world, you need professional indemnity insurance otherwise you could find yourself in a situation where a student sues you for an injury he sustained during one of your classes.

There are very few insurance companies in the UK that will give this insurance (maybe 3 or 4) and they all want proof of your "grade"

This puts us in a situation where we have to grade, its a catch 22 situation, but we have to grade students that may eventually go out and teach.

As far as Masters Sken, Toddy and Woody are concerned, I always understood that the direct translation of "Arjan" was "Master" or "Senior" (as the Thais are very respectful of their peers and those of a higher standing in their society.
I dont really care what they did before they came here, I am grateful that I know of MT and it was beacuse of these men that I know of it. For that alone I am happy to continue to call them "Master" when I have the opportunity to speak to them. (I always do and always will)

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