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Donald Boswell
Posted: 2003-05-27 22:41:42
Thanks a bunch Sawtanahg and Khun Kao. Hey Sid is seems we already have two dirrerent definitions to a degree. I,m sure both are right, which was my point. I like you think Sawwatangs was right, do'nt read any indistinction into it that was'nt there. There will be other definitions that will vary to changing degrees. The same can be said for the term Master.

One of the first steps in clear consice communication is leveling the feild as far as terminology goes. Many times IMO people can be closer to actualy saying the same things but due to a differance in perception they can be easy to argue.
Khun Kao, thanks for the definition of Master also, I will add my own.

Master - A person that is held in the highest regard by many respected peers in their chosen feild.

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