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Posted: 2003-05-28 02:14:50
MTK, mate you've already done pretty well you young whippersnapper you.

I think we've had this argument before and I think the same people are trying to start it again.

Some people believe Sken to have done great things for MT especially in the UK, others think he's a TKD fake. We've all decided which side of the fence we're on. Also it's a little academic in the end. You have to ask, what does YOUR teacher teach to you? Mine teaches me Muay Thai. I know this by comparing what I do to other muay thai teachers and students both here in the UK and in Thailand.

As to the term 'Master', this has been defined well in the last few posts, Donald/Khun Kao.

With regards to grading, let's not get hung up about it, it's something you can do if you want/need a goal that isn't competing, but it is not compulsory, many people train for years and become very proficient without bothering to grade at all.

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