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Mark L.
Posted: 2003-05-28 02:56:17
"Now Apidee has been doing Thai for over 50 years "

sorry I just think thats funny.

Thats like saying hes been doing German for over 50 years. :) I think we all understand though. :)

I have been told MuayThai doesn't use 'Ajan' just Kru.

I think the advent of 'Ajan' comes from over seas and people copying MA as they all use(or at least in English we translate as..don't want to asume) Master.

Ajan I think better translates as teacher than master although it is a 'higher' teacher. I think if I was to tutor math to some kid I would be Kru(how good my math skills are would be irelivant. I am a teacher. Someone who has gone to university to become a math teacher would be 'Ajan'.

These days they have instructor courses and you can become an 'Ajan' or Kru etc.

What does it mean and what should it mean....who knows.

To many people just start calling themselves Ajan and then there are courses etc...if that really makes you one or not though I am not sure.

The tricky think with Thai culture is they don't correct you when you are wrong. So if you call someone Ajan and they aren't really they may not say anything.

Just like there are different ways to say 'you'. monks for example should be reffered to differently than your friend. I used the wrong 'you' with Pra Ajan Thaam, a friend of mine(a monk), for a long time and was never told by him or anyone that I wasn't adressing him politely.

My point is I think it is sometimes hard to really know what is going on or what is 'proper'.

I have heard many Muay instructors in Thailand called 'Ajan' but I don't know why. At Rangsit for example(The World MuayThai Institue) there were loads of them. Khun Suk and I went with a bunch of exchamps to a b-day party. Guys in their 60s etc Some of them instructors at the school all old former champs.

I think age could be a factor too. A 60 year old thats been in MuayThai since he was 6 could be called Ajan. Then there are people who get degrees in PE including MuayThai and then there are those that have formally thought it for years and years and now the courses they have to become and instructor.

Basically with MuayThai I think the courses should be to be Kru. If you've been a Kru for 30(just a number) years then Ajan. Thats what I think is fair enough. Its simply showing respect to there years and knowlage gained as a teach.

I haven't read all the posts on here yet(bed time) If anyonme knows otherwise please tell me I'm mistaken.

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