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Posted: 2003-05-28 21:58:53
Here we go again ...

In my place best striking arts and sanshou coach is a guy who has such a physical constitution that he could never make for a decent fighter (short and pot-bellied) and he has walls of medals and cups of his men, including serious organization let alone he coaches for almost everything which strikes plus sanshou with ease and in my best dreams I would like to have his level as amateur coach. Maybe pro level coaches would benefit more of personal fighting experience but I still have serious doubts. Instead, one of the best fighters of early 90-s is such a stupid character that in his gym one learns to strike hook punches on pivot step (in legkick disciplines) which is in the best case suicidal let alone it is not a good way to start with circular strikes before one can use decent straight punches or exploit reach advantage etc etc etc.
This just because it happened that one of his favored techniques was hook punch and times were rather primitive technique-wise and no one had a lucky guess to chop his legs dead. Sounds familiar ?

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