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Posted: 2003-06-13 07:21:23
There was a posting on here a few weeks ago regarding, the 'Masters" of Muay Thai, and the apparent lack of existing rank in this art.

There is indeed a distinction, between, Kru (Instructor), Pochoi Khru (Assistant Ins),Ajahn, and Borom Ajahn. The correct translation for the word Ajahn is actually Professor, but I suspect many of the Thai Ajan, and Kru overseas simply use the term Master to denote what is comfortable to the foreign students.

Anyway, Ajahn is the term given to someone who has graduated fram a college or university, and has a certificate in physical education (regarding MuayThai).

In Thailand, there are a few well known Muay Thai Ajahn still around. There is Ajahn Pramot, from the gym Nongkee Pahuyuth, and Ajahn Pot from Muang Ubon. And then ther are some who have been given the term Grand Master, or Borom Ajahn for experience and quality of fighters, Kru Yodtong Sennanan form SidYodtong, and Kru Dang of Thammasat University.

I hope this sheds some light on the question, of "So called Masters"

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