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Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2004-02-03 04:17:50
Hi Glen.

The different between the types you are mentioning above, is as big as the different is between Ozzy Osbourne and Michael Jackson. It is a matter of temper, style, strength, discipline and your own personal spirit.

Here is an example. The different between Kyokushin and Shotokan are many, but the main different is, that in Kyokushin you train and fight knock down karate with full contact, where you in Shotokan “only” mark your techniques – you don’t hit or kick your opponent.

Then there also are a world in between, when it comes to the physical training and the discipline in the dojo. Some like firing a gun with real bullets, other find it safer to fire blanks, if you get my point?

As people we are all different, so nothing is better than the other! it is simply a matter of choice and temper, and on how far you like to push your own body and limits.

Pick the one that fits into your profile.

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