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Paul T
Posted: 2004-02-03 09:03:41
I copied this from a Newsgroup to try to help
answer your origonal question. i did not write
it, and it is very brief. does give an overview:
Here are a few of the larger Japanese and Okinawian styles of karate in
a _very_ simplifid and faulty descriptions:

Shotokan- created by Ginchin Funakoshi, a schoolteacher from Okinawa
after he moved to Manland Japan. Today it is divided in several
rival organizations.

Shotokai- Began as a political division of Shotokan, after the death of
Funakoshi, bBut the two organisation have since then evolved into two
distictly separate styles.

Wadoryu- created by Hironori Otsuka 1936, by combining several
karatestyles (mostly the teachings of Funakoshi and Motobu) and Jujutsu.
Wadoryu is divided into a few rival factions. one of the larger
being Wadokai.

Goju ryu- created by Chojun Miyagi who was a student of Kanryo
Higashionna who learned his art in china.
It is often called Okinawian Goju ryu.
A sub style of Gojuryu is Gojukai, created by Gogen Yamagushi after the
death of Miyagi. It is basicaly the same as Okinawan Goju, but with some
minor differences. It is sometimes called Japanese Goju ryu.
Gojuryu has fractioned into several rival organisations, a few of them
being: Kanzen, Meibukan, Sodokan and Shobukan Gojuryu.

Shorin ryu- One of the pure Okinawan styles. It is very old, and is
today divided into mainly three sub styles, Matsubayashi ryu (created by
Shoshin Nagamure), Shobayashi ryu, and Matsumura ryu.

Yuishinkai- founded by Motakatsu Inoue, and is a combination of Shindo
shinzen ryu, Jujutsu, Aikido and kobudo.

Shindo shinzen ryu- founded by Yushinro Konishi, who was a student of
many masters, but mainly influenced by Shito ryu and Kenwa Mabuni.

Isshin ryu- Founded by Tatsuo Shimabuku, and is a combination of Goju
ryu and Shorin ryu.

Uechi ryu- Founded by Kanbun Uechi who learned his style in china.
Counted among the traditional okinawan styles

Shito ryu- created by Kenwa Mabuni, who trained under the same masters
as Funakoshi. It is divided into several sub styles, Shukokai (created
by Chojiro Tani), Sankukai (created by Yoshinao Nambu), Itosu-Kai,
Seishinkai, Kofukan, Kuniba Ha, Motobu Ha, and Hayashi-ha (created by
Teruo Hayashi) to name but a few.
Counted among the traditional okinawan styles

Kyokushin kai- Created by Masutatsu Oyama and is a combination of
Shotokan and Gojuryu (the Japanese version, although before the split),
but are also strongly infuenced by kungfu and Muaithai (thai boxing) and
sligthly less so by many other arts.
Known for their Fullcontact competition form, known as "knockdown", that
is also used in most of its splintergroups. It is divided into several
political groups, especialy since the death of Mr Oyama.

Seido Juku (aka Seido karate)- Founded by Tadashi Nakamura after he
broke with his teacher Masutatsu Oyama and Kyokushinkai.

Ashihara Juku (aka Ashihara kai)- Founded by Hideyuki Ashihara after he
broke away from his teacher Masutatsu Oyama and Kyokushinkai. It is now
divided into several political groups.

Shidokan- originaly a splinter group from Kyokushinkai, founded by
Yoshiji Soene. Influenced by Gojuryu and Muaithai.

World Oyama karate (aka Oyama juku)- Founded by Shigeru Oyama after his
break with Masutatsu Oyama (no blood relation) and Kyokushinkai.

Enshin karate (aka Enshin Juku)- originaly a splinter group from
Ashihara. Founded by Joko Ninomiya.

Seidokaikan/Shodokaikan- originaly a splinter group from Ashihara kai
(less than a year after ashihara splintered from kyokushinkai).
Founded by Kazuyoshi Ishii. Their version of Knockdown competition
evolved into the K-1 tournament. Shodokaikan is a alternative
pronouciation of seidokaikan that officialy is to be used outside japan,
to distiguish the style from other "seido" karate styles.

Seidokan- A combination of nahate and shurite type karate by Toma.
Counted among the traditional okinawan styles

Some other styles:
Chinto-Ryu, Chito-Ryu, Doshinkan, Gohaku-Kai, Gosoku-Ryu,
Kenseido, Koei-Kan, Kosho-Ryu, Sanzyu-Ryu, Seishin-Ryu, Shindo
Jinen-Ryu, Shinjimasu, Shinko-Ryu, Shoshin-Ryu, Shotoshinkai,
Washin-Ryu, Yoseikan, Yoshukai and many-many more.

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