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Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2006-03-10 12:58:15
Inter Communications 8-MAN TOURNAMENT (63.5):

Rung (Rungnakhorn) - THAILAND
Nico Verresen – Chikara Lint, BELGIUM
Samuel Peter Wia – Friends Gym, HOLLAND
Ian McCulley – Caledonian, SCOTAND
Mark Grainger – Fighting Fit, SCOTAND
Lloyd Cochran - NKT Barrhead, SCOTAND
Alan Jamieson - NKT Johnstone, SCOTAND
Pete Chung – Sortaskin, SCOTAND

STBA Junior Scottish Title
Dale Murray (NKT Irvine) Vs. Jordan Calder (Caledonian) - (5x1.5mins) 42kg

Ritchie Hocking (NKT Johnstone) Vs. Paul Fallon (Phoenix) - (4x2mins - IFMA Amateur Full Thai Rules) 63kg JUNIOR

Craig Bradford Vs. Steve Kinchner - (4x2mins) 75kg KICKBOXING

Alan Hunter (Highlanders) Vs. Stevie Miekle (Caledonian) - (5x2mins) 67kg

John Douglas (NKT Barrhead) Vs. Gordon Ross (NKT Denny) - (5x2mins) 67kg

John Cullen (NKT Clydebank) Vs. Thomas Young (Caledonian) - (5x2mins) 63kg

Inter Communications 8-man Tournament - First Round

Lex Easdon Vs. Darren Thomson (12x2mins) KICKBOXING

STBA Lightheavyweight Scottish Title
Colin Carson (NKT Irvine) Vs. Eddie Scott (Sit Ayuthaya) - (5x3mins) 81kg

James Jarvie (Fighting Fit) Vs. Craig Jose (Sor Thanikul, ENGLAND) - (5x3mins) 71kg

Inter Communications 8-man Tournament - Semi-Finals

ISKA European Super-flyweight
Rab Weir (NKT Irvine) Vs. Sebastian Oceania (Team Phenix, FRANCE) - (5x3mins) 53.5kg

Paul McVeigh (Dinky Ninja's) Vs. Nayeb Hezam (French Top Team, FRANCE) - (3x5mins) 62kg MMA

Tim Thomas (Bedford, ENGLAND) Vs. Ahmedi Bijan (Superpro, BELGIUM) - (5x3mins) 69kg

Inter Communications 8-man Tournament - Final

Hilary Mack (Caledonian) Vs. Debby Broeders (Friends Gtm, HOLLAND) - (5x2mins) 56kg

STBA Featherweight Scottish Title
John Dick (GTBA) Vs. Jonathan Watt (Black Devils) - (5x2mins) 57kg

James Doolan (Dinky Ninja's) Vs. Frederic Fernandez (French Top Team, FRANCE) - (3x5mins) 64kg MMA

Loopy Lou (Sit Ayuthaya) Vs. Najat Hasnoun-Alaouii (Universal Gym, BELGIUM) - (5x2mins) 63kg

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