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Posted: 2006-05-15 08:48:57
Leanne had about 3kgs weight advantage, Alisa was doing well, but her nose was broken! not just bleeding and she was shipping some realy heavy shots! It didn't llok nice and the ref did the right thing, fighters safety is paramount, this was a novice bout! (Although Leanne looked very composed and had nice timing)

Thanks for the comments Kirsten, we try hard to please. To be honest, it's easier to organise a show when TV is not involved!

I also don't like the way some people Box their way through Thai boxing fights, but the punch is a weapon of Thai boxing. It the weakest scoring technique, unles it causes a knockdown and reallt I suppose you could argue that it's up to the other fighter to use the other, higher scoring, weapons to negate the boxing and make the other fighter use the full range of techniques.

I can't say much, on this show last year Martin Shivnan boxed his opponent to a 2nd round win.

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