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Basil the Fox
Posted: 2006-05-16 16:16:35
I'm interested to know what people thought about having the junior fights on the bill? Obviously it's not an ideal situation for any promoter to put junior fights on, but I reckon there's a lot to be gained from it, especially as the fights were kept nice and short so that the spectators didn't have to wait too long for the adult fighters. I think it's good that the junior fighters got a chance to fight on a proper show, I think it'll do their confidence a world of good if they do eventually decide to continue fighting as they grow up. Let's be honest, some of those kids showed some great skill and confidence considering their ages and experience.

I have to hold my hands up and say that I don't usually enjoy girl's fights, but the four girls who fought on this show were absolutely storming. Gratz to all, you proved me wrong, girls can kick arse, proper style! Which reminds me, someone owes me a new top, mine got covered in blood. ;)

Really enjoyed the Andy Mellor V Gordon Smith fight, a very close fight indeed, with Gordon landing the more telling shots in open fighting, whilst I feel that Andy was definitely stronger in the clinch. A rematch sometime down the line would be a good gague for both fighters to see how far they progress.

Fight of the evening for me was the Pankios V John Dennis fight, absolute corking stuff, with Dennis taking an eight count early in the fight but as Darren said earlier, that left hook of Dennis' was absolutely awesome to come back and knock Pankios down, later on in the fight. Fortunately for Pankios, he managed to hold on until the end of the round and got himself back together to win the fight. A great contrast of styles with John prefering to move around and search for angles of attack, but I have to say, I loved the way that Pankios was calm and controled the ring superbly, cutting off John's angles, more often than not.

This may not have been the kind of show that Darren wanted to put on, but if you were at the GFC show, I'm certain that in a few short years, a good few of you will be talking about how you saw some of the fighters on this show for the first time at the Heywood Civic Centre.

Grats to Darren on another great show, grats to all the fighters for stepping up and grats to all the trainers and gyms for bringing well prepared fighters.

Pssst, Darren, You can slip me the brown envelope full of twenties later, mate. ;)

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