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Posted: 2006-08-17 16:26:05
That is true. It's a shame that fight never happened. Fujiwara would've definitely been a stiffer test than Okao and Suzuki. I know that after Tadashi Sawamura retired, Kickboxing was beginning to lose popularity and they decided to allow some matches against American full-contact stylists. Every American except for Benny Urquidez was defeated. This was especially in the case of All Japan Kickboxing against All America Martial Arts. It is interesting that Urquidez was able to beat Suzuki and Okao with above-the-waist techniques, but I didn't like the fact that both fights prohibited elbows and knees to the head. I'm not saying that Benny would have lost, but knees to the head and elbowing can really settle things. In the book, The Masters Speak by Jose Fraquas (available here, Urquidez states that he met with Masutatsu Oyama and trained under him for a while. As we know, Kyokushinkai definitely has low kicks, so I imagine Benny was able to pick up some useful leg checking methods.

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