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ercan gürgöze
Posted: 2006-08-21 04:19:53
the japanese fighters could never come to the level to the thai's and dutch except "fujiwara and shima" ... the reason why those can get good results is lying under the fact that they used only the advantages of "hip throws",low kick expertise, boxing aqnd also the easiness,not training of the thais who were not so much training at that times ...and this gap has been easily closed by the thais by eliminating the judo,hip throws and expertising in contra technics against the low kicks...during 80's the most contra effect was "shin, knee blocks" against low kicks , however ,today there have been created lots of contra technics in mt against "low kicks" ...

as far as i understand the success of the japanese was lying under the fact that kurosaki was a very hard trainer who forcing the fighters to train very hard...however, i guess that he is a very conventional, traditional ,not opening new dimesions and staying firm to the traditions...and this has prevented his continous success ...kobayashi is a good fighter, however , can easily be beaten by samkor...

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