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Posted: 2006-08-22 09:13:41
There was this old Kurosaki instructional called "The Real Technique of Power Kicking". I think you can find it available online still. It had Kurosaki and Fujiwara demonstrating Shin Kakuto Jutsu, as what was Kurosaki's fighting style was being called back then. It showed a unique type of footwork that was markedlky different from what was being used in Muay Thai. It was a faster and unorthodox footwork that was very elusive and effective. The footwork was presented in the video, along with adding it to fighting combinations and evasion tactics. There was also warm-up exercises, shadow boxing, heavy bag training, Thai Pad training drills, practice techniques with a partner, sparring in the ring for 2 full rounds. The video also shows many useful tips on how to increase the power of the Mawashi-Geri (Roundhouse Kick) and it's application at the three levels - Jodan (High), Chudan (Middle), and Gedan (Low). Also, the use of the Clinch and Hiza-Geri (Knee) in training on the heavy bag, Thai pads, and against a training partner. These techniques were similiar to Muay Thai, but slightly different and modified. This is what threw off the Thais in their matches against Fujiwara, and made him so successful as a fighter. Fujiwara had a real offbeat movement, kinda like mixing boxing and hula dancing into a cohesive series of shifting and angling.
ercan, I agree. Besides Kurosaki (and this was back in the late 70's when he was developing Shin Kakuto Jutsu), not too many trainers would improve and adapt their methodology. But nowadays, fighters are aware of what's going on, and are beginning to show signs of marked improvement.
Shingo, yeah I've noticed the way Japanese fighters would set up their punches. I was wondering why they did that. Kings of the Square Ring showed a lot of those punches.
NOI, I get some of my videos of old-school Japanese Kickboxing here: I got some fights of Genshu Igari there. They might have one with Mitsuo Shima in it.

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