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Posted: 2006-08-24 14:34:27
to ercan,
Weren't most of Fujiwara's fights during the 1970's? He won his Rajadamnern title in 1978. I know he fought until 1983, but I believe most of his significant bouts were in the earlier decade. Some of my favorite Nak Muays like Dieselnoi and Samart also fought in the early 1980's too.
to shingo,
Ah, thanks for confirming that. I've heard about Saito beating his senior, Fujiwara and I was just a little unsure. It'd be great if you could post some of those pics of Fujiwara and other old-school Japanese kickboxers.
Fujiwara definitely had an eclectic approach to his fighting style. You mentioned that he cross-trained in wrestling for his clinching skills. Very nice. And I didn't pick up on the Wing Chun-esque trapping. BTW, what was wrong with Fujiwara's foot? I heard that he had to get extensive surgery sometime in the late 1970's, and there was a possibility that he couldn't walk properly. I'm sorry for bringing up this point again, but why do worked matches and showmanship get confused for real kakutougi? For the most part since K-1 and especially MMA hit big in Japan, most (though not all) pro-wrestling organizations have been on the decline yet I feel that there are still lingering sentimentality. I realize that this partially stems from Rikidozan and the way he was able to whip up the public with his "victories" over foreign wrestlers back in the 1950's, but guys like Masukatsu Funaki (who battered his body for the sake of promoting a real promotion like Pancrase) helped pave the way for practicality back in matches. People should wake up and distinguish between what's fantasy and what's real. Too many promising Japanese fighters and athletes suffered greatly for the sake of drawing in crowds and/or pitting themselves against experienced opposition.
to dirkstahl,
Thanks for the pics, dirk. Your dedication to your friend, Peter Smit amazes me. I can never forget his wars against Rob Kaman and Changpuek Kiatsongrit. A true budoka in the Kyokushin family. Please pass on my condolensces to his family for their loss, if it's not too inappropriate. Osu.

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