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Posted: 2006-08-28 02:23:05
To ercan gürgöze,

The fact that the Thais did not train as hard as they used to is one thing. But I think there was another factor to contribute the decline of the overall skill levels. I was under the impression that the regular western boxing gained more respect and recognition in Thailand than ever before. Kaosai Galaxy and his brother were hugely popular, and I used to know the owner of the Thai restaurant who openly admited he was more fond of western boxing than the Thai counterpart. Kaosai scored numerous KOs in his career, and certainl he was more appealing to the not-so-hardcore fans. This is just my opinion.

To Beranes,

I asked my brother in back home to send me some of the old mags I collected in my school days. It will take quite a while to post the pics. Please be patient.

The "wing chun" part was just my impression when I encountered the article he showed the techniques years ago. I am not too familiar with different martial arts. The only thing I am sure is that what Fujiwara showed in the article was about redirecting opponent's force and taking him down to the ground, rather than just tying him up in the typical clinch fashion.

I am not too sure about Fujiwara's injury on his foot. I'll ask someone who know more about this.

As for the pro-wrestling in Japan, some people enjoy watching for what it is - a form of entertainment. But the majority of the hardcore supporters are just a bunch of geeks who are looking for a way to release their anger which might have been caused by the fact that they are not popular with girls or etc. They are not the type of people who actually train and mix up in competition and they talk big and never back up. Unfortunately, they had the huge power and influence until the K-1 and PRIDE came into the picture. I remember a couple of years ago when Masato won his K-1 MAX title, the geeks were so hysterical to the point they put him down endlessly on the Internet. With boxing, muay thai, judo, or other hardcore, or serious martial arts, this is not usually the case.

To Dirk,

Please be patient and I will post pics. I'm not sure whether the pics I had are the ones you have already seen. When I mentioned the casual pics of Peter, they were more like the one with his buddies. I don't know whether he was married at that time. But I'll try my best.

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