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Posted: 2006-08-28 02:46:10
To Hector Gomez,

Many of Kurosaki's training methods can be considered to be insane or crazy by today's standard. For example, his students had to perform endless number of hindu squats until Kurosaki said enough. I mean, they had to endure this punishment for all day long. Kurosaki drilled them with a simple thing over and over just to push you to the limit which initially was regarded as impossible. In order to prepare his students to fight in Thailand, he theorized that they had to train as hard as possible at least 8 hour long (sometimes 12 hours). He had the interesting theory that 8 hours of hard work in Japan is an equivalent of 2 hours(I don't remember exactly) hard work in Thailand, due to the difference in climate. The effectiveness of the aforementioned training methods are still open to debate. But nonetheless, he produced some of the best fighters in his era.

To Beranes,

The late Mas Oyama considered Takeyama as the man with the greatest Kyokushin fighting spirit. Since his retirement, Osawa(Fujihira) has owned his diner (the favorite among both the fighters and fans alike), and he never mess with teaching someone, except Takeyama, who Osawa thought worthy enough to train. Takeyama had already retired, and has his own business and family to take care of. I heard that recently he came back to fight an exhibition in something called the Oyaji Battle event. I am not sure about this.

I used to have the video you mentioned. In it, Kurosaki said the initial rules of the fights were about one round with the Kyokushin rule (there was no Kyokushin competition back then), another with the muay thai rule, and repeat this cycle. But it did not work out as they expected. So, Kurosaki and others had to accept to fight in the Thai rule. It was unfortunate to see only the Fujihira fight. Even though he KOed his opponent, he got his collar bone broken due to the Thai's vicious knees. Kurosaki himself got cut viciously with the non-stop elbows and eventually got stopped. I think this fight is available in VHS. I have to find out whether it is true.

To Spainkakutogi,

An impressive list of the fight tapes. Unfortunately, I got most of them in back home. However, if I want to find something I cannot find otherwise, I will E-mail you.

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