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Posted: 2008-10-27 08:05:28
This is gonna be a long one (but well written, lol)

Firstly, thanks everyone for all the positive feedback. I'm still buzzing and it seems to have been a successful show. I was inundated with congratulatory text messages last night and and although I didn't reply to them all, I appreciate greatly every one of them.

I'm really disappointed that a camp feel they were wronged with a decision, however, on a positive note every bout that went the distance returned a unanimous decision. As far as I'm concerned, that is a sign that the judges are all watching the same fight, looking for the same things and scoring to the same criteria.

Moreover, we intentionally appointed a Scottish judge (Gary O'Brien), an English judge (Liam Harrison / Andy Howson alternating) and a neutral judge (Mark DeLuca, USA). All four of these guys are accomplished fighters and qualified judges.

On the subject of the Meikle v Jose fight, again a unanimous decision returned in favour of Meikle.
My own opinion is an unqualified one. However, as Craig quite rightly said, he was busy with boxing and low kicks, once again though, it comes back to the principle (or my understanding of it atleast) that a low kick has to off-balance your opponent or show visible effect to score whereas a body kick scores regardless. Meikle landed the cleaner more frequent body kicks and while they seemed to be at a stalemate in terms of strength in the clinch, I think Meikle put in more knees (from memory).
I've seen the scorecards already but can't wait to see the dvd.

That aside, Tommy & I were really proud to have someone of Craig's calibre and profile on our first promotion. We took Craig and his old man out for dinner Saturday night and you can't meet nicer folk. We wish him every success for The Contender and I personally am tipping him to win it (fingers crossed).

On to the rest of the show, what a day for Caledonian Muay Thai and The Griphouse. Every fighter was up against it yesterday and we got a clean sweep. A brilliant day for the club (I'm sure Guy Ramsay is a proud man).

Some mentions in particular.
Dean Reilly (fought Adam Batley) is a mate and took that fight on a weeks notice to help us out, it was his first thai bout and after catching his opponent with a pretty good punch, he threw in another 11 or so just for good measure. Well done mate.

Adrian Wedolowski (fought Adam Little). Adrian had actually suffered an injury to his ribs and pulled out of the fight with Adam. We were frantically trying to find a replacement and with 6 days to go he decided "what the hell" and took it anyway. He was awesome and again this was his first Thai bout.

Jordan Calder was awesome. That was the best I've seen him fight. He really stepped up yesterday and he had too because we all knew Jonno was gonna be a tough, tough opponent. When I saw Jonno land his first body hook my heart stopped, that kid can bang. Jordan soaked them up, was calculated, composed, I thought it was close going into the fifth and then something posessed Jordan and he absolutely ran away with it. I think we have to stop call Jordan the Cobra, Cobra's don't have knees, lol.

Jonno, you're a cracking young fighter mate, with a bright future. Keep up the good stuff, it was nice to meet you, your Dad and Frankie.

Meikle, big step up mate. You were awesome. I've already covered this one so won't say too much but I'm sure you will have surprised, impressed and gained a lot of respect from everyone yesterday. Enjoy the win mate, you earned it. Best of luck for Thailand and will you stop bloody correcting my thai, you're always wrong anyway. (P.S Do you like Huey Lewis and the News?, Don't just look at it it!)

Main event. Gordon mate, you were awesome. Those kicks looked horrific and kudos to Kevin Cotrell who not only took them but kept coming back at you. That was a great fight to end the show on. I'm so glad you've got that belt.

Ok on to the thank you's
Firstly, Tommy young (my co-promoter) and Guy Ramsay, you guys made it happen. Tommy and Guy for the last couple of months have each had to endure atleast ten phone calls a day from me and between them they put the majority of bouts together. They also put together the best team of runners who on the day made the show run like clockwork. Thanks gents, it was a success.
The runners, Lyn, Bambam, Dip, Martin. You did a fantastic job guys.

There are too many others to mention because guaranteed I will forget someone however, Louise, Lyn, Paddy, Helen, helped a lot with the setup and I though that the room looked great and created a top atmosphere.

Finally Bobby & Eileen from Base Muay Thai, you guys have been so supportive from the beginning, offering help, advice, (gloves) etc. You've both been rocks and I appreciate it.

Roll on the next one, lol

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