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Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2009-04-16 05:51:46
Sorry I've been posted missing on here folks, like to keep away from Ax when busy, here is the lineup, ust waiting on a few confirmations from the couple of pullouts and hopefully that will be the final card.

A Class

  • Gulapkaw Boapbapbam (NKT, THAILAND) Vs. Paul Kelly (Wossobama, SCOTLAND) (64kg)

  • John Dick (GTBA, SCOTLAND) Vs. Stephen Meleady (Bridgestone, IRELAND) (58kg)

  • John Douglas (NKT, SCOTLAND) Vs. Peter Tiarks (Sor Thanikul, ENGLAND) (70kg)

  • B Class

  • Ritchie Hocking (NKT, SCOTLAND) Vs. TBC (78kg)

  • Keiran McAskill (NKT, SCOTLAND) Vs. Che Nam (Shin Kick, ENGLAND) (53kg)

  • Jordan Calder (Caledonian, SCOTLAND) Vs. Fikret Van Den Doel (Scorpio, HOLLAND) (57kg)

  • Lyn Min Din (Caledonian, SCOTLAND) Vs. Wayne Fisher (Carlisle, ENGLAND) (63.5kg)

  • Nial Smith (NKT) Vs. Wullie Dempster (Dragons) (70kg) FTR

  • Connor McEwan (Sit Ayuthaya) Vs. Adam Little (Dragons) (70kg)

  • Keith Middleton (Aberdeen) Vs. TBC (75kg)

  • C Class

  • Steven Lochhead (NKT, SCOTLAND) Vs. TBC (58kg)

  • Paul Lapsley (NKT) Vs. Craig Floan (GTBA) (75kg)

  • Jamie MacTavish (NKT) Vs. Addie Murphy (Sor Taksin) (62kg)

  • Ricki Lapsley (BASE) Vs. Alan Weaver (NAMT) (60kg)

  • Scott Clark (NKT) Vs. Gregor Summerville (Sor Taksin) (74kg)

  • Alan Butler (GTBA) Vs. Mark Quinn (Sor Taksin) (64kg)

  • Kevin Healy (BASE) Vs. TBC (78kg)

  • If I have made any spelling mistakes or anything, just text or email me them.

    I've only got about 5 Ringside tebles left, so if anyone is wanting one let me know, even if its not confirmed. Also, I've got very few Junior Adult tickets, so again if you need any please let me know, likewise if you have a few and don't need them please let me know. only 2.5weeks to go and everything on track for another great show, good luck to all the fighters in the final prep!

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