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Posted: 2009-05-04 04:43:23
Its really Thai Boxing, i never noticed?? wow thanks for that constructive and intelligent point. And who mentioned K-1?? I made a point about a specific area of scoring in relation and similarity to the Dutch not a whole scoring system used in k-1. The point i was making is, its not thailand therefore the skill level and fight experience at such a show, which was full of mostly uk guys is a fair bit lower than say a night at lumpini, so if one guy comes and fights his heart out and scores the most damage but doesnt look as pretty doing it why shouldn't he get the win?? Just because some guys kicks look good if they dont affect the opponent why should they score? I could hardly say my guys were bastardizing the sport, i would say that my fighters always turn up ready and with good technique on the day so before you accuse anybody of that look at yourself. I'd love to see them open scoring where the judges declare the score each round, then id get a real laugh! Anyway im late for a session now, enjoy the discussion armchair warriors!

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