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Posted: 2009-05-04 09:02:39
Sorry had to jump back in i kinda went off on a tangent there, i was saying how the rounds were changed from 3 to 5 and why, i should have then said that because of this it is now beleived it was done to "be like the thai's" so now the judges are judging the fights exactly as they do in Thailand. I dont find that to be the case as the judges in question have very little experience at any level never mind A class fights. And the fights in question were hardly at lumphini stadium standard or style and are harder to judge because of the broader range of techniques and combinations being used. Yes as much as you want to kid yourself our style is still more reflective of the dutch, other than a few top level muay thai fighters in the uk. The variety of our game HAS to be taken into consideration when judging, you cant just score a fight on kicks! Should we not try and develop the sport??? You must also be telling me that in changes are a bad thing because its not the same as the thais. Changes have and will continue to be made in Thailand. Have we not learned the lessons of the past with fighters like Ramon Dekkers and Rob Kaman shaking the ranks of the Muay Thai elite with blistering boxing and combinations?? You just have to look at Tae Kwon Do and Kyokushin karate to see that the europeans blew it apart with there own take on the sport. Okay maybey i am just ahead of my time in my views but watch over the next few years and im sure you will come around.

If someone who carries authority on these topics, i..e Tony Myers tells me that a weak kick on the gloves that doesnt disrupt balnce, move a fighter or psychologically affect him in any way scores then il treat it with a bit more respect but il still have my own personal take on it. Also if the person who blocks the kick then follows up and lands effective strikes of varying description including knees, then who is winning the fight?

Also to Gary, can you please clarify this for me so i know where i stand on your future shows?

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