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Posted: 2009-05-14 08:44:01
id love to sit and watch the fight again but 4.99 for one event, do i get to download the fight? i dont wanna pay for it if i can only watch it online. I did not train gordon to fight Dutch style, i trained him with the proper tactics we needed to get on the inside with an extremely tall opponent. I have a pretty good idea of what Thai judging is, having fought thai style many times and scored more body kicks than hot dinners, i like to think that at my gym we can switch styles when necessary and are not pigeon holed into one, further the discussion of the dutch scoring was slightly off topic in reference to judging all 5 rounds and scoring effective techniques whatever they were. However the main point i was making was that Connors kicks just were not strong enough to have any effect, infact gordon went for a run after the fight and was training the next day without a scratch on him. I was arguing the point that it was "effective" techniques that scored but apparently it isnt. Also watching a fight on video is alot different to being there and seeing the force of a blow for yourself or lack thereof. I will add that off late it seems its very hard to get a decision in glasgow, I have never been one to complain about judging in the past and have never opened a dispute until recently but that fell on death ears. Id love to see open scoring where the judges results are displayed round by round, Good luck to you in the world of semi contact!

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