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Posted: 2009-05-14 12:51:09
Gonna throw my tuppence worth in here now...

Was absolutely gutted not to be able to make the show last week and was delighted to hear that Conor had won. To then read your both yours and Gordons comment Alex, I was was very eager to see the fight for myself before commentating and making myself look like a tit.

Now after watching the fight a couple of times now confirms that you were talking absolute bollocks!! Blocking with double gloves and barely moving? - I think I saw it about once in the whole fight! And Gordon shifted just about every time Conor threw a kick - and also moved back away from Conors kick to avoid them (without too much success) so to say Gordon barely moved is just nonsense.

Conor also fought a damn site better than what you're giving him credit for - he scored a greater variety of techniques in the fight than Gordon did. I will, however, agree that on the day the tactics that were employed were the correct ones to use as in dealing with a fighter with as much height and reach adfvantage that Conor had and it made for a good, close fight with a good clash of styles.

At first I held my tongue because I thought that your post might have been just a quick, maybe harsh reaction to the result of the fight but everytime I read your original comment and comments thereafter after seeing the fight for myself just makes me think you're being a bit of a bawbag. And to quote -

"Anyway i wont go off on a tangent and fix all your problems in one night"

"Okay maybey i am just ahead of my time in my views but watch over the next few years and im sure you will come around."

are you the Thai Boxing Messiah??...Gie yersel peace!

To come on to a public internet forum and berate the judges on the show the way that you did is highly unprofessional and just plain petty. IF it was a case of Gordon CLEARLY winning the fight then I could have seen your point but it was not. The fight was damn close and I wouldnt have liked to have been in their position on the day.

So to sum up and in agreement with Briancal ...



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