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Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2009-05-14 14:15:03
Guys, can you find another playground to fling mud in please!

Right I said I'd have a look at the fight when I got a chance, now obviously the angle changing between 3 camera's and not being close enough to really get a good understanding of effect, but here is my description of the fight and scores:

Round 1.
Both fighters not really scoring very heavily, with a lot of weak round knee's in the clinch, and ineffective low kicks. However, the standout moments for me where connor kicking Gordon to the body and arms with 2 unanswered left kicks on 3 seperate occasions and 2 of these being followed by a decent straight knee, which is also much better scoring. Some decent power behind some of Connor's low kicks towards the end of the round, not disrupting Gordon's position too much. Gordon tried to throw Connor, but Connor kept his weight on top and both tumbled to the floor. The round goes to Connor: 10 - 10*

Round 2.
Round started of again with some low kicks from both fighters as Gordon closed range into the clinch, which generally was opened with a single decent straight knee by Connor, fllowed by some low scoring side knee's by Gordon. Connor lands a heavy left body kick, which Gordon caught and tried to trip, but Connor keeps balance with the aid of the ropes and comes back with the straight knee again followed by a heavy unanswered kick on the gloves before it again goes to the clinch. They break then Connor lands another 2 unanswered left kicks which again are on the gloves but do affect his balance and are mixed with some low kicks. These body kicks and knee's put Connor in the lead at this stage. Gordon again closes to the clinch, again opened with the lead straight knee of Connor, some decent knee's coming from the side from Connor followed by a few low powered knee's by Gordon. Broke again and Connor lands another clean body kick which is caught but Connor again maintains balance and actually manages to take it to the clinch and follow up with his strong left knee's again. Goes out to long range, bit of a stand off, and Connor lands a body kick on Gordon's gloves and puts him a off balance. Goes into a bit of messy clinch, but Gordon holds the back and throws Connor to the floor, but still way behind. Again Gordon catches another body kicki and fails to drop Connor. Good round for Connor, but again scored: 10 - 10*.

Round 3.
Starts again with Gordon trying to close the range, circling to his left, Connor throws a few low kicks managing to disrupt Gordon's position as he runs in then again brings out the left unanswered body kick, this again looked as if it was on the arms, but delivered with power and moving Gordon so still scoring. The second kick not as effective, in the clinch Gordon throws much more knee's than Connor, but by the time they reach Connor's body, they have little on them and again are landing with the side of the knee or thigh so not scoring IMO. Goes out again and same thing, Connor mixing an unanswered body kick on the gloves, not much effect but landing some strong low kicks and again as it goes into the clinch landing a few lead straight knee's, followed by a few side knee's by Gordon but these are not enough in each exchange. Breaks, same storysome heavy low kicks and a clean body kick as Gordon throws the low kick and followed by the lead knee again. Some mixed clinch to finish, typical of the fight so far. Connor winning the round as he continues to throw the heavy left body kick followed by the good scoring straight knee's as Gordon comes in: 9 - 10 to Connor.

Round 4.
Starts with Connor taking the centre of the ring mixing it with some hands then kicks Gordon on the gloves and teeps him back to the ropes. Goes into the clinch with Connor trying to land some big knee's but seems to miss while Gordon tries to punch the head which is not scoring. Gordon gets the back again and tries to swing in the side knee's, but a lot are not landing on the body and hitting arms or connors hip. Again breaks and Connor landing the double left body kick to the lead knee clinch, this single combination is what is putting him in the lead each round. A little clinch which then breaks only for Connor to land 5 good left kicks, again on the arms, but again causeing Gordon to stumble, with only 1 returned kick from Gordon, first body kick of the fight. Messy clinch coming out with a little hands and high kick from Connor, nothing too effective, until he lands a few straight knee's as it comes into the clinch. Comes out again, Connor lands another high kick on the gloves of Gordon, yes blocked but again causes him to take 2 steps back and are followed by a clean body kick as Gordon closes the range with Boxing, the kick isn't heavy, but doesn't need to be as it pushes Gordon to the side and again establishes the long range fro Connor so scoring. Connor takes the round 9 - 10 again, if something big didn't happen in the last round, the fight was already Connors by some margin IMO.

Round 5.
Opens with a big left straight knee from Connor before going into the clinch, can't see much with the camera angle, but looks like Gordon again being more active with side knee's, but I wouldn't have thought much scoring from it if any. Comes out and Connor throws the lead body kick, not much power and Gordon rushes so Connor doesn't land balanced and falls back onto the ropes. Comes out again, Gordon lands some good hands, but Connor squeezes in 2 kicks on the gloves, neither particularly good balance at this stage. Connor then throws a weak right body kick but follows with a much better left on the gloves, again moving Gordon. Again Connor kicks the body and Gordon catches, fails to trip and goes to the clinch. Some messy clinch with punches and side knee's, nobody really scoring that well. Left Body Kick by Connor, but Gordon wals through this one but does not answer, closes to the clinch but nothing really effective. Connor does look a bit more tired at this stage, but backs off again with some hands and using the lead kick to knock Gordon off towards the corner, then another high on the gloves as Gordon comes in to box. Connor again wins the round: 9 - 10, which means he takes the fight 47 - 50, but as a gesture I would probably fudged the scores to say 49 - 47 as often done in Thailand when a fighter makes a good fight of it.

I know John and Rab thought it was close because of Gordon's work in the clinch, but it is hard to judge whilst commentating, but I must stress Gordon's knee's were mostly with the side of the knee and low powered by the time the got to the body, if in fact the made it at all. Connor won the fight with unanswered body kicks, some clean, some on the arms but moving Gordon, but also used his lead knee as the opening strick in most clinch exchanges, which is a much more effective and higher scoring knee strike. Gordon fought well and put in a typical durable performance as I expected and looked slightly fresher at the end, but he did not score high during the fight. As a result this was not a close Muay Thai fight IMO.

As for the 4.99 for the event, nobody is forcing you to buy it, but P4TV provide a great service to out sport and community and to be honest, if people grudge paying this for an event, then it will simply dissappear which would be a tragedy IMO.

Alex, we are mates, but your out of line having a go at the officials on here, I know you feel hard done by, but I'm 99% sure Tony and any other good official will think it was the right decision, but either way, time and place! Gary D is right, they have a thankless job and without them out sport would be a shambles! I specifically asked for the 3 judges for last week and this is Franks last year as Ref, so I'm giving him the position as he enjoys doing it and has done a great job for our sport behind the scenes over the years, alright he might not get it right all the time, but does his best and is always open to feedback. The judges may only have been judging for between 1-3 years, but I'm confident that between the 3 they will produce the right result. Kirsty has been judging the longest out of the 3 and pretty sure she got 100% in one of Tony's early assessments and like the other 2, have been brought through the shadow judging process monitored by Frank for consistancy and accuracy and have been doing a great job, I've also personally spent many shows discussing scoring whilst at shows with Jim Walton and have been impressed with how he judged fights, particularly a few big controvetial ones down south. All the judges were spot on and will be at the next POS event!

Now hopefully that will be enough of the nonsense, maybe we can get onto some positive things about the show or at least some other constructive stuff. I've not managed to watch all the fights, but did get a chance to see some of the ones I missed. As I said, was really pleased with my own guys on the night, thought Ritchie and Matt's was in terms of action, fight of the night. Classic performances from Jordan, Kieran and Lynn. Great fight between John Dick and Stephen aswell.

Hopefully not to much bad grammer and spelling mistakes, but I'm running out to training, so can't check it, sorry its sooooo long!

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