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Posted: 2009-05-14 16:53:19
I am expressing an opinion and i am sorry if i have offended the officials who are indeed doing the best with what they have at there disposal. I was a little angry but have since chilled. I do believe more training is needed however as i recently had a similar situation in Johnston and i disputed it but nothing came of it, even the referee said our guy won at that show. So you can see where i am coming from. Anyway i dont want to split hairs.

Thats how you see the fight and i see it a bit differently, You could argue Connors kicks were not effective just as you have argued Gordons knees were not effective. It really depends what you favour. I think that the "kick is king" mentality is only warranted if the kicks are strong. I thought knees were good scoring techniques and i thought gordons had ample power in them to score just as the commentators said. Who both suggested to me after the match that they thought gordon had won the fight. How could you score those kicks and not score gordons knees? Ive been left with a bad taste in my mouth after all this about the attitudes of people on the Scottish Muay Thai scene and i will be glad to leave it behind.

On a brighter note Gordon is a durable fighter who has had more fights than many of the top fighters in Scotland and deserves a bit of respect. I would like to congratulate him on his performance as i know more than anybody how he has came back from alot of bullshit dished out to him from members of his former club and he came down from 86kg to 69kg, Also he took an awkward fight with very little notice after 3 years out of the fight game to help you and give Connor a fight on this show, So it would be nice for them to show some appreciation. Well done Gordon, you will move on to better things!

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