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Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2009-05-14 17:47:04
As for the P4TV, you can't download it because then it would be open to abuse, it would be uploaded in no time and the website would make no comeback. These guys charge a modest rate for their services and I'd imagine this would basically cover the running costs of the operation never mind lead to a profitable business. Therefore, the original idea of it being pay-for-tv is going to have to be supported or some other form of income to help sustain and grow it. We don't have Muay Thai on TV and doubt we will, so this is the best thing. As I said, you don't have to buy it, but when you consider most DVD's of shows are what 15-20 and realistically how many times do you watch them. If you've got internet aceess you can still watch it with mates, I thought you'd have had a HDMI output to the TV anyway Alex, coz your the gadget king. Anyway, the business setup of p4tv is nothing to do with me. However, I will continue to put POS up as ppv, for two reasons, first of all it gives a bit of income back to the site and secondly it makes more sense financially for me, I pay for the filming and spend a fortune on the show, so if someone is in two minds to travel to my show, then they are less likely to come if they think they can watch it for free the following week.

I do respect Gordon mate, I thanked him on the day for steping in and above stated he fought well and put in his typical durable performance, against what was a very awkward opponent. Gordon is a warrior and its nothing personal. I do think body kicks are often the main focus on scoring and I do emphasis kicking the body, but personally I rated the straight knee's of Connor at the beginning of most of the clinch exchanges above the side knee's that followed by both fighters. If you hit with the side of the knee and in a circle motion, there is far less power. In thailand, straight knee's (they shout "Tang") and straight stabbing knee's ("Cee-up") score much better. I'm also a big fan of throwing and unbalancing, but the only good one in this fight was Gordon's. Therefore the main differentials were the body kicks and straight knee's. But you are right, its all opinions and I'm always learning and will continue to, but the current train of thought in our community as a whole is going down this path, so I guess we either all continue and try and find our way together or someone starts a new path.

Can someone do me a favour and start talking about something else now??? Please!!! LOL.

Anyway, next date for POS7 is 28th Nov, back to a Sat night show, will be revealing some info soon and specical early promo's soon.

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