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Posted: 2009-05-15 17:27:22
Lex ive just watched the fight and Gordon did lose the fight. I dont know either fighter so can sit here and judge it as it should be. You say above though that you could argue that connors kicks where not effective? almost everone that landed made a huge slap around the arena and moved Gordon, and when they did get to the clinch Connor had the more dominate position, ie hands right round the back of his head, pulling him around and landing good solid strong straight knees. 1st 10-10 *connor, then connor all the way imo and a few others.

End of the day the show was brilliant as always with good entertaining fights and the judging was spot on from the fights i watched, only 1 i wasnt happy with was the last one with the Thai boy and Paul kelly (whicjh gary was pissed with too) but Gray and John did a great job, put on a great show and its not on that anyone should come on slagging any part of it, if anyone has a problem with judges it should be handled after the fight away from the ring and not on the internet, end of really.

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