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Posted: 2011-12-07 16:00:28
Concur. G-Man's 'trainer' was abysmal to the N'th degree !! Bells should have been ringing when Gerald had to wrap his own hands before the fight !!

I don't think the docu provided an ultimate answer as to what caused the tragedy. It seemed to skirt around a variety of reasons from apparently poor reffing,through to Gerald dismissing his previous manager and trainer (Manny Steward), thus bringing that dick-head 'trainer' on board.

Were the signs there for somebody to step in and call a halt to the fight ?? Continued heavy blinking from Gerald (especially after the accidental headbuut from Nigel), constant rubbing of the temple when there was no cuts/bruising in that area, the fact Gerald had his mouthpiece hanging out for nearly half the fight suggesting difficulties ??

Exremely tough decisions to be made when stopping a fight at that level !! Whatever conclusions individuals draw from the docu, my own will be that it was one of the hardest/toughest brawls I have ever seen, and that nobody actually won that evening.

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