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Posted: 2012-01-22 20:56:36
Hi Nephillim, how things? I take it that you don't agree with me then. No probs, it wasn't advise, I was mearly giving my views on the subject and people can take them as they wish. I picked up a KB and started swinging it some 6 or 7 years ago and have had no injuries from doing so. Nor have my son's or any of my students who have given them a go. A pity that your 100% guarentee of injury didn't have some sort of money back deal I could take advantage of, lol. There is nothing mystical about where kettle bells came from and how they first came into being a competition sport or exercise programme. Someone picked up a weigh and started swinging it about to show off to the other guys at the markets, then others joined in to out do him. The harder, stronger and tougher the man then the bigger the weight or longer they could use them. To be able to beat him the fella next door practiced to get himself stronger & tougher . Nothing fancy, it's not that serious to get ya tits in a tangle about it is just about; hard, tough men trying to outdo each other and get stronger in doing so. They had no instruction programmes, no special techniques, no personal trainers, no dvd they had to buy. They made it up as they went and developed it from there If you can find someone who knows a bit about how to use them or read up on it, great. I've read Pavel's first book and know how to pick shit from clay when watching UTube clips on them and I personally believe people get over the top about exact right and wrong ways and having to pay some "expert" to teach you. I'm in my 50's, come from a farming background and worked labouring jobs all my youth. You learnt to lift things with you legs not your back, and worked hard at lifting, hitting, throwing, digging and carrying stuff. You got callouses on your hands, had either rain on your face or sun burn on you back & built a strong, tough, healthy body from doing so. Now gym's are charging young people huge ammounts to have some instructor to teach them specialist techniques in how to lift hunks of cast iron with a handle on it, flip big tyres, carry objects in a "farmer walk" or drag heavy things that mimic stuff that men have done for generations and called it manual labour. Yes, every physical act has a right and wrong way and it's better if you have someone who knows a bit about it to show you the best way. I shake my head when I see guys in some modern gym hitting tyres with a sledhammer with no idea of how to swing one properly. But nothing too serious with that except if they have paid good money to some fitness guru, who has never swung one on a work site, to teach them wrongly.

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