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Ricky S
Posted: 2012-07-08 11:21:28
Really got to feel sorry for the Wakelings, an obvious robbery that should be dealt with. I too left before the decision was announced knowing that Wakeling should easily of taken the decision. There wasn't much to tell the two fighters apart to start with however Wakeling began scoring more and more as the fight went on. Round 1 even, 2 edge to Wakeling, 3 edge to Wakeling, 4 Wakeling, 5 Wakeling. Levin didn't win a round. Impossible for Levin to have beat Wakeling when his punches were getting countered with strong body kicks and he was getting out scored in the clinch. Wakeling should of won by atleast 2 rounds maybe even 3 which I believe is how one of the judges correctly scored the fight. As for the scorecard you have posted above Mark that is ridiculous and 100% corrupt. Firstly, Levin never edged the 2nd and 3rd. And stars do not count as a 10-9 round. Stars are just a note made by the judge that reminds them that one fighter slightly edged a round over their opponent. The judge can then go back to this in the 5th round if the fight has been close throughout and can help them make a decision as to who was the stronger fighter using higher scoring techniques. There's no doubt that Wakeling won the fight!

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