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Mark Wakeling
Posted: 2012-07-08 12:35:31
When two people play chess for fun, you can score check mate in three moves.

when two chess masters play, it can take days, to win a game, and to alot be really boreing.

Muay Thai is like that. Except in Muay Thai you make a mistake at that lvl it can be a life changing shot.

Levin is one of the most danerous fighters in the world. He can spoil anyones game, and normally schools everyone he fights.

Stephen Stepped up another weight, after not getting any fights at supper middle weight, to fight the best light heavy weight fighter in the world.

He stood infront of him for the whole fight and took every thing he had to give him, and beat the best light heavy weight fighter in the world, and done me his club and his country proud.

You cant ask more from a fighter, that unlike levin has a full time job, and a daughter to look after.

If that was England winning the world cup in a slow game, we would be celebrating the win.

And thats what im doing now, they robbed us of the world tittles four days before the fight, even though levin agreed to come and fight for a world tittle, even two days before threatened to leave the country with out fighting if a world tittle was put up.

And they laughed about it at the weigh in, to mess our heads up.

It worked with me, but Stephen kept his head and sent the best light heavy weight world champion back home a losser.

But for ukmf to back him and add 48 plus two stars to 50 a draw is criminal.

The score card that changed the dession is above, what ever way you read it, its a win to Stephen.

How can more people not come on here and ask ryan how that score card adds up to a draw ?

Next time it could be you,or your fighter that the ukmf do this to.

Please dont wait for this to happen, I cant exspain how bad it feels.

Show the ukmf and british muay thai, that we are not a bunch of sheep, and however you dress 48 and two stars in early rounds against 50 dont make a draw.

Enough is enough, dont judge the fight, dont get involved in a argument, just all of you read that score card, and for Stephen say what it adds up to please.

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