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welsh eagle
Posted: 2012-07-08 15:03:05
50-48 simple math!
The stars are a reminder only.

Ask for an enquiry, please dont blame the whole UKMF.
Mistakes happen, sometimes poor decisions are made in error, when under stress. Sometimes egos get in the way of judgement.

We have seen it on here and in general many times. I understand how you feel Mark and Steven.

An official enquiry is allowed, it should be done and as you are UKMF members your entitled to ask the board for an enquiry into the whole series of events.

I am sure the UKMF would welcome a call for an enquiry. I know you are upset, call Paul on Monday and I am sure It can be discussed properly in the correct manner away from this forum.

I can only guess that's why the UKMF have not posted yet in reply - there is an official route to go down.

I am on the board of UKMF but have not discussed this issue as yet with any of the other board members.
Do it the right way and you'll get an official answer, no consolation at this time when you are upset but there is some hope of an official answer.

Call me if you want Mark, I will mediate/liaise with the board if needed

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