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Posted: 2012-07-10 06:32:44
The biggest shock to me is the Swedish judges card. If I remember rightly he scored it 49-46 to Levin. I'd ask anyone to watch the fight and come up with that result? Really strange and clearly not the best judge to score a win based on the fact fact that Levin always looking imposing but didn't ever tally scores when Wakeling would counter straight punches to his body with kicks to Levin's body then surely the score has to count in Wakelings favour no? You can't win a fight on the basis that you looked like you might be dangerous compared to scoring correctly, that's daft. So even if the third judge did score a draw then the deciding vote should have gone to the head judge no? The third judge was Craig O'Flynn who I have the upmost respect for and his achievements speak for themselves. If he saw it as a draw then that's how he saw it but the whole situation seem strange to me. If there's a draw overall (even taking into account this blind swede) then I was under the impression that the head judge can have the final say. I'm not trying to piss anyone off and really don't care for the politics in this sport but this was unfair imo. In order to build the sport I love in this country we all need to be working together but it seems that's not the case and it's a real shame. I feel for Wakeling as if that were me I'd have felt I'd done what needed to be done to win and that's how I've been taught too. To win a fight you need a combination of things but surely to outscore, whether coming forward or on the back foot, that's how you aim to win! In my view Wakeling clearly scored better than Levin and surely deserves the win.

Have to say the biggest fight of this show for me was Wooton V's Turner and these lads are a credit to our sport. Both showed true respect and superb skills and this is the kind of thing we should promote. Both guys are gents in and out of the ring and huge credit is due for that awesome performance! Already I wanna see them do it again!!!! Lol..

Daniel Terry showed superb footwork and used his range well against a tough Adam Lee Mason. What a great match up and I can see Terry being trouble for anyone at that weight with his speed and movement proving awkward for Mason to close down. Lovely elbow work too!

Amanda Kelly was a class act and I definitey think it's time her and Julie share the ring. I don't know why they didn't before but guessing it was politics of some kind so I'm not interested but I think she deserves the shot and what a great fight it would be. When Amanda puts her fight face on I can't help but feel a little scared myself!

TJ Everett is something special and the little buggers already tallied up 30 odd fights! This lad will go far!

Really happy for Eric Lloyd who is a deserved champion.

Mathew Tieu is absolute class but we all know that, who's next for him?

Keith and Jose was a great fight and the pitbull is hard as nails taking some of those long knees and still standing! Keith showed great composure and stuck to his game plan which bagged him the win. Not sure anyone had a clue what you said in the post fight interview though mate! Hahaha..

Can't talk about everyone but standard was great and best to date! Well done to Kieran and Steve on another massive show! How can you beat that next time? I genuinely don't know!!

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