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nathan touchgloves
Posted: 2012-07-10 11:47:13
dave writes--Amanda Kelly was a class act and I definitey think it's time her and Julie share the ring. I don't know why they didn't before but guessing it was politics of some kind so I'm not interested but I think she deserves the shot and what a great fight it would be. When Amanda puts her fight face on I can't help but feel a little scared myself!

cant see it happening mate and if it did,it would never happen in the uk because of the corruption above and i watched the last fight ringside against the dutch girl and thought amanda lost....besides that...amanda beating someone who has lost to every female fighter in the top 10 and having a "fight face" hardly warrants a shot at julie!!!!!!-everytime a female fighter has a good bout in the uk they can match julie--everyone said the same about sarah mc until lucy fought her...makes me piss.

besides,i let it happen last time to prove a point and got shit on through lies,disrespect and corruption from the same click.
saying that you are not interested in the politics when i stick footage up of a promoter and official lying their arses off shouldve been enough but it wasnt--everyone sat on the fence and now its happening all over again with the same people only this time its steven wakeling who is on the end of it.

these are career ruining fights/decisions left in the hands of people who couldnt give a shit about the truth or principles and have never even trained a world champion,just ticket sales and money matter..jmo.
best wishes to steve/mark and i truly hope the decision is overturned.

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