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Mark Wakeling
Posted: 2012-07-10 18:31:13
People who really understand top lvl Muay Thai, the money the sweat, the pain, and what you put your body throgh, to get ready for a Stephen Wakeling v Artin Levin World Tittle Fight, is fucking heart breaking to watch, I some times cry, and say never again, I cry watching it, I will admit im a hard man, but I,M not that bigger a man, I could not ever walk in Stephens Shoes at that level, I could take the pain at british lvl, not at Artin v Steve, the sacrafices he made, were unbelivable, levin is a beast, steve had to train to take what that beast hit him with, and hit him back better and harder. most of you have no idea what he put himself through, just look how his body changed since his last fight, he had to move up a weight to fight him.After beating the monster, he gets cheated of the glory, that speacial momment every thing he sacrafised for that one momment, Rayan Rudkin YOU ROBBED HIM OF THAT MOMMENT, you dirty little slug, you weasle, you purthetic tramp, you crooked dirt bag. After that you insulted us, by telling us 48** and 50 are a draw and we dont know how to add up a score card. you cheated some one 2 million lvls above your pathetic muay thai lvl your worse then a dog, i think that even insults dogs. Your scum rudkin. I think i really should not post when im drunk, but I wont go this far when im sober, I wonder wether as ryan thinks he knows muaythai he would like to have a charity match with me,
i know, im a bit heavier, maybe it would be fair if ryan can use all eight lims, and i get only two, and ryan picks what two i can use, must be same for ballance, like two hands, or elbows (I WISH) or two legs, with £5,000 going to charity. I wonder if there is a man in that slugs body. Come on ryan sure your muaythai skill 8 weapons can take two on a 50 year old man. Lets do it for charity !!

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