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nathan touchgloves
Posted: 2012-07-11 03:57:09
lol...amanda fought lucy in her first fight!!! lucy was 16.despite you not telling anyone that amanda had a very experienced karate background (which suddenly came out recently)--more cheating on past experience from you.

chantal has been beaten by everyone which fair enough is a scalp at amandas new weight because of amanda matching her clinch strength-but realistically thats as far as it goes-chantal is hardly in julies league,im not saying she wont be-but at the moment there is no comparison.i offered a chance to prove it-you blew it by lying.i hope they have to meet on a big show one day but it wont be in the uk.if miriam pulls out by any chance,i will personally set up the replacement and prove a point in the usa.

julie v claire was a fight i had rescored by tony myers who said julie easily won both times--end of

on the subject of claire who recently asked for the fight with amanda and was refused despite beating chantal by 4th rnd tko and drawing with amanda despite also living in london and would sell tickets--sounds like someone is avoiding fights besides all your "get it on" preaching.

greg v luke--classic match,well done greg and i would never say any different.

jm1985-your opinion counts for nothing as you know nothing.end of.

as for the evidence of a corrupt couple of idiots proved my point-get who you like on here to say different--i dont care.
and you can use ax and all your buddies on here who will agree black is white with you to compare amanda to julie but the whole world knows different.

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