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Mark Wakeling
Posted: 2012-07-11 06:34:04
Some might ask, why I.m attacking Ryan Rudkin if he was not a judge.

I have had 11 phone calls, and 26 emails, asking why, I have answered all of them, and every one of them said sorry we asked.

So I will try to make it clear.

As it was a WMC world tittle fight, Ryan picked the judges, the flights and hoteles were already paid for.

5 days before the fight, the wmc world tittle was pulled, and told that no other world tittle was aloud to be fought for.

But as a conselation prize, the winner can get a mad tittle. The belt that three or four people can win in the same night, at the same weight.

Ryan Rudkin as cheif ukmf rep for the show, suggested keeping the judges that had already had every thing paid for, to save money(right).

Now this was a sole ukmf sanctioned show, with Ryan Rudkin as head offical, as the other two judges were guests on a ukmf show, Ryan was the man in charge, Chris was the only ukmf judge there, that made him cheife judge, and the score cards should of been handed to him, and he tottals and anounces the winner. I watched as the fight ended Ryan take the judes score cards and give them to a wmc judge, first protocall broke.

When the decission was anounced, there was shock in the whole building. After taking the mike and exsplaining what happened, I jumped over the ropes and went to Ryan and wmc judge, I was in disbalife as eveyone else, when we could see Steve wone even on the cards, everyone came around, Ryan shouted them away, spoke rudely to everyone, they started to disburse, except me Chris AND dave fenson. Chris protested, remember this is the cheif judge, the only ukmf judge there, after Ryan telling Chris again, Chris looked at me and said sorry, and walked away. Dave Fenson put up a fight, and said ryan your wmc judge has just admitted he scored 48** 50 to steve hows that a draw, it took 3 mins of Ryan Rudkins rudeness to get rid of dave, he tried.

Me I asked Ryan to add the score cards, as ukmf head offical and call the fighters back to the ring. He refussed and said the above card reads a draw, and as head of ukmf here that stands.

Now put together, a wmc judge gets all the score cards forced by Ryan, they read a win to Stephen. I asked for the score cards and was told by that slug to write in for a copys so I took them of them, so it could not get more corrupted then it allready was.

The UKMF judge gave the fight to Stephen, under protocall he was the head judge, and added up the score cards to Steve winning, he protested to Ryan and Ryan dismissed him.

Ryans job was to make sure people done there jobs, he took it upon himself, to break protocall to bring this decission, and cheat in the most corrupt way I have seen.

And if the ukmf had no confidence in Chris being the only ukmf judge there making him cheif judge, the fees had been paid to ukmf, they should of had a ukmf judge there they were confident with.

The president of ukmf also said under protorcall Chris was cheif judge, and Ryan should of made sure he was.

Ryan Rudkin as far as i know, or was when I checked company houe, a while back a Director of ukmf, so for sure knows the rules and regs. So for him to break all them rules and add that card up as a draw, is nothing but corrupt and a dirty cheat.

And to do what he done at that lvl should never be aloud to be a offical again.

For now I would like to think he was acting for we all know who!!! and I reaaly hope the rest of ukmf can sweep the bad apples away, and show they are not behind this. Muay Thai starts with honur and respct, He did not just cheat me and Steve he cheated U.K Mauy Thai and his country, out of a glorious win.

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