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nathan touchgloves
Posted: 2012-07-11 09:56:14
lol.just shows how many trolls come out of ko gym as they have all suddenly woken up.!!!!

bill---it clearly is stated by our expert jm1985,that chantal v amanda when announced was a "wicked fight",

also dave wrote

"Great fight for Amanda to show her technical abilities.
I see Chantal fought Sheree Halliday, maybe Kelly V's Halliday in the future? That would be a technical fight to watch, just saying as I'd like to see it and don't know if its happened in the past?"

so chantal who has been beaten by around 10 fighters in the top is a good match for amanda then it is clearly evident seeming julie has beaten around all 10 that amanda isnt in julies league--yet.

it is just a shame that someone who i had so much respect for can jump all over someones career before its even over, instead of backing a genuine uk world no1 who alongside myself has constantly stuck her neck out to gain advantages for all females in the sport that is very male dominated.

it was you who first brung up julies name on here as soon as amanda won,rudely and desperately trying to compare amandas fight on sat with a fight julie had in 2007,you knew i would say something so please live with it..,fact is amanda fought 5 crap rounds in her last fight against the dutch girl who couldnt clinch for toffee and gained a dodgy decision win.which suggests a lot in respect to julie or anyone fighting her in london,sorry if that upsets anyone but i look after my wife/fighter and dont want her robbed- even against the fact that it is the best show around at the moment.

this time she excelled and fought well for 50 seconds and the good old axers compare her to julie--after 50 secs???

raymond says
"Mate you should have had a career in politics. Your lies are staring you in the face and you still pretend otherwise.
The evidence is right here on AX. Any neutral can go and reread those threads. The comments have dates and times. It is quite clear who pulled that fight, who threw their toys out of the pram. It is quite clear a new fight was arranged, conveniently, at the same time. I invite all neutrals to reread it (if they can be bothered to) and see if anyone agree with you."

raymond-ryan clearly says on video that bill cancelled the fight,its on ax for the world to see,it isnt typed so cannot be misunderstood in anyway shape or form.also i put emails from myself to dennis warner proving that i renegotiated the contract so julie could still fight amanda within the period of the clause--you dont have to have a political career or be miss marple,especially when the same person is lying about someones scorecards on this very thread..let me once again remind you of the conversation on video..

Nathan- then why phone julie up and give her 24 hours to say yes or no?

Ryan- (pause) -because I couldn’t get hold of you,I couldn’t get hold of you

Nathan- yes but the fact that you phoned her on the tuesday night proves that the fight was on Tuesday night,yes or no

Ryan-as far as you guys were concerned-yes

Nathan--right , so someone cancelled it?


Nathan--(laughing) yes

Ryan—yes he did,and ill tell you why,its because you insulted the fu***** guy and me

wake up raymond.!!!

i have never said that amanda isnt a good fighter and if you watch her fight against the dutch girl,you can clearly hear me shouting to her to push forward and win,because i am/was a massive ko fan,but fact was the dutch girl was robbed.

bill-you keep dragging up past fights to try and discredit julie,the thai was smaller--why? because julie was told (luckily because of floods in samui) that she could weigh anywhere up to 66.6kg, we was happy with 63kg and julie has NEVER come in overweight (unlike some from your gym that have been on my shows and put fighters in hospital as a result.) ,was the thai told? i have no idea and its not my job to drive to bkk to tell her---now with a week to go,what would you do? starve your fighter? tell them to jump in a sauna? or eat up and train hard..

if you want to bring up past fights,what about when amanda got duffed up by my 41 year old grandma.? and we offered a rematch which amanda pulled out 5 days before only so you could replace her with the english champion annabel just to gain a

remember-this is ax world so ko gym will always have trolls and support by other promoters/trainers right or wrong because they have a massive pool of skilled fighters who can sell tickets and help on shows with pull outs--if thats what makes you all forget the truth and facts,then fine... look on fb and see how many fans worldwide julie has and all of whom would piss themselves at this comparison.

keep the ax haters that cant even provide their own names to back your claims because thats as far as its going with who thinks amanda is better.

im very pleased to say that no1 from my gym comes on here to blow smoke up my ass and if im wrong i will always and have always apologised--yes i go on a bit,but truth is truth,facts are facts and right is right.

uk muaythai cannot even admit who their best is and get behind them,you have guys who arent ranked that you say are the best and a girl who beat a girl who has consistently lost and compare her to someone who has won her last 20 ftr pro fights.
---push the sport forward.pml

yours in muaythai. x

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