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Posted: 2012-07-11 13:29:45
Im never get involved in official appeals unless I'm part of the organising team, but looking at the score card mark has put up I make the following observations
1 It definately adds up to a win for Steve Wakling even taking in the two dots/stars and as Tony suggested could add another point for Andre Levin at 49-50.
2 The score for Steve has been altered for round 3 from 9 to 10 If I were an official I would want clarification from the judge as to when this was done, it is immpossiible to tell from a scanned image when it occured, my question would be if the judge changed it after awarding the round to Levin, why then did he leave his dot/star, or did he award the dot/star after he changed Wakling to a 10.only careful scrutiny of the original card would clarify this.

On a different note Liam R, for info there are 6 secure data storage centers in the Newcastle area which meet the specifications you mention there are also 13 in the North of England which whilst not ISO 27001 approved are more than capable of operating to that spec, and I'm sure that as the designated area of final resistance during the cold wa, there are probably just as many more who's existance is a closly guarded secret.

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