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nathan touchgloves
Posted: 2012-07-11 15:06:28
hoost fan writes--Nathan seriously you probably have done as much harm to your wife's career as good, I'm honestly not that bothered about women's muay Thai at all but id quite like Julie to ever win again just because you are such a whiney little bitch and that's a shame because Julie really is a good fighter with a great fighters attitude and heart but you need to wind your neck in it's just embarrassing.

when people like yourself used to come on here and slag womens mt off,i was the guy who made enemies for years sticking up for how good women fighters was,i used to put julie into fights for free as long as she was main event or featured on the poster to raise our profile and the profile of women in the sport--where was bill/amanda then or any other instructor of females???
amanda is a great fighter but has done fuck all for the sport and women in the sport,just trains,fights and sells shed loads of tickets and because she lives in london appears on every show (not saying this is a bad thing).....

julie is renowned worldwide as the worlds greatest female fighter ever and has fought nigh on everyone in their own country and hasnt once had to whinge about the rules and being robbed because we do enough to win..thats why she sailed through the mpl.
julie has hardly ever appeared on any top uk show,yet she has won over 50 fights,she has been featured on transworld who have just come back and done a half hr complete program just on julie,(what other uk girls or lads have they done twice? or even once?,she has met the queen and prince phillip with her belts, been on front page of countless mags and spreads,raised loads for charities and has been a huge ambassador to the sport,we are sponsored by 3 companies in and around london who supply our gym in cornwall with they havent heard of amanda??,in fact julie has easily achieved more than any other female fighter in the world--ever.

from all this--- and for once blowing my own trumpet rather than julies--id say ive done a bloody good job in julies career/training/management and promotion and not harmed it in the slightest-- even though we havent conquered ax yet ,wouldnt you?
again people talking just from ax--have a look at julies facebook pages over 20,000 fans worldwide.....all down to graft and sacrifice/commitment.

everyone has the same opportunities-even more in the cities.

btw who have you promoted? even though you cant even promote yourself because you are faceless.

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