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Posted: 2012-07-11 20:25:25
Ok tbf guys the Julie vs Amanada fight really should be dropped off this thread dont we think? End of the day its been done and everyone has read all about it and seen and heard both sides. I for 1 am a friend of Natahn and Julie's and alot of the Touchgloves guys and i no why Nath come's on and says what he does but i have also made it clear to him in person he needs to chill bless him, but he shows passion i guess. Bill is a great instructor as proven at the weekend with Amanad's amazing performance she really did look class and best i have seen her so far but a minute or so in to a round you didnt get to see much other than Chazntel getting a battering. How about we leave and you take Martin up on his offer and get it on in Ireland, we would all love to see the fight and it would be great. But as for this thread, well lets leave it as this is about KK and Steve's great show and all this as well Kru Bellends (Ryan) antics are taking away from what was a great and well frun show.

KK and Steve cheers for everything as always lads was great to see you both and some great fights where on the show and didnt fail us. Luke v Greg was great, Greg seemed to want it more that last round, was close going in to the last 2 and Luke was picking it up in the 4th till half way thru was caught with a disgusting elbow which almost blew his wig off, showed heart and determination to stay on his feet after that and go the distance, well done Greg awesome fight both lads, has to happen again 1 million% Mikey scared the shit out of me after first 2 rounds, came back and said he felt shit.....and just wasnt himself at all, as pointed out by skud he got a severe talking to/slap/telling off pep talk and it worked a treat, went out there next round and finished the fight dead happy and chuffed for him and Tobin who couldnt be there hence me helping the lads out. Lee mate anytime, Charles is a great lad and well done to you and him :) showed a massive heart defo be proud of that kid.

And Mark mate....what can i say.....its not fooking rocket science Steve clearly won the fight 50-48 based on that card, Chris Podesta is 1 of the top judges around in the UK and his card and what he has wrote alone sums it up. Ryan knows i cant stand the twat anyway so bothered who reads this. He has a serious attitude problem and because he puts a shitty blue shirt on every other weekend (when the real/proper officials who actually no what there doing) cant be available he gets too power trippy for his penfold looking self. Learn some manners and stop being such a sly fucker and hopefully this kind of thing wont happen as much. said it before ages ago ukmf are a joke, proven on so many occasions and now this to top it all off.....its a piss take tbh. No wonder most shows are using ISKA now at least you can have pretty much any judges you want, respected ie Daz Phillips and his guys always do a great job. Anyway get it on again Mark and do it some where that Spudkin and the rest of the circus cant fuck it up.

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